Why is it always so difficult to find burn cream when you need it? I burnt my finger on our fireplace the other day and nowhere in my overly organised house could I find a tube of burn cream!

An area of people’s homes that can be totally forgotten about when decluttering is medications. It’s so easy to forget that medications have expiry dates so need to be gone through individually rather than all chucked in a container together on top of the fridge.

Medications are also expensive so before you head off to the chemist to pick up a cream for bites or cough medicine, check first what you have already and rather than always buying a new bottle and throwing out the half you didn’t use, take advantage of what you already have if it’s suitable.

Of course, never ever share prescription medication with anyone, even if you have the same illness. Dose recommendations will often change depending on who it’s for and your doctor will know if a new medication will interact with any other medicine you’re on.

A few tips regarding decluttering and organising your medicines.

When you buy vitamins for a reason (naturopath or doctors recommendation), keep using them for the recommended time. If you’re told magnesium will help your muscle cramps, don’t just take supplements for 2 weeks and then stop. You’ve already paid for the whole bottle, so continue with your recommended dose for the recommended time.

Keep all medications out of the reach of children; even if your kids are older you still need to monitor what’s being administered.

If your child is taking several medications for a sickness (like Panadol and antibiotics), it can help to write on a piece of paper on the fridge the exact time each medication is taken. Then when you visit the doctor or a hospital you can just take it with you so you remember when and what they’ve had.

If you have a prescription cream but can’t remember what it was for. Throw it away.

If you have 5 bottles of sunscreen don’t buy anymore until you’ve used up what you already have.

Keep your scripts together so that when you need to fill a repeat script you know where to find it and don’t have to make another doctor appointment to get it reissued.

If you have to take daily medication but sometimes forget, speak to your pharmacist about ways to build it into your schedule or consider buying a pill box that has compartments for each day of the week. Just make sure you keep this out of the reach of children also.

Disposal of medication is important. If you’re not sure how to get rid of a particular medicine return it to your local pharmacy and they’ll dispose of it for you.

I also suggest investing in a good quality, well stocked first aid kit for the home just to cover off on those unexpected emergencies.

Enjoy the Freedom!

Amy x