What is the most expensive item that you own?

A diamond ring? Some jewellery? A special guitar? Digital camera? Motorbike, jetski or boat?

Aside from your house (if you’re one of the lucky ones to own it outright!) my bet is that your most expensive possession is the same as mine… it’s silver… but not of the silver and gold variety. My most expensive possession is a lovely little Mazda 3 Hatchback. It’s expensive enough that I buy a special insurance policy for it, restrict who drives it and I even take it to a special car doctor regularly for tune ups.

Did you know that some people even design special accommodation for their most expensive possession? When they build a house they allocate a special room specifically for parking it. Usually around 36 square metres, lockable in some cases and usually room enough for two expensive possessions.

And here is where the story gets crazy. These possessions cost anywhere between $20,000 – $100,000 (and sometimes more!) and some people leave them outside in the weather instead of in their special accommodation. Out where the rain and hail and sun have free reign. Where birds poop and cats climb… when only a few metres away their garage sits, custom built for this exact purpose but not being used to its potential.

Are you maybe guilty of this? Too many tools, toys and old furniture items crowding up the garage floor? Projects, bikes, gym equipment and old golf clubs are squatters in the accommodation you built for your most expensive possession.

Think about it – clutter and unused household items are stopping you from using your garage as you designed. It’s crazy! You should be protecting your most expensive possession, protecting it from thieves as well as from the weather and wear and tear. If you agree that it’s crazy to park in the driveway instead of the garage because it’s busting at the seams, it’s time for you to book in a session with a professional organiser and get this situation sorted (quite literally!) And the good news is that once the garage is clear and you’re back parking inside you can ring your insurance company and your premiums should reduce if you update your policy to parking your car in your garage instead of in the driveway or on the street.

Enjoy the Freedom!
Amy x