Our family love playing board games and card games. We’re pretty competitive so a chance to wipe the floor with a sibling/ spouse or child is pretty attractive. We trash talk each other and play to win! I’m not the kind of mum that let her kids win board games when they were little – I taught them early to go hard or go home… I claim it made them resilient… but if nothing else it meant by the time my kids were 4 and 6 I no longer could win either Monopoly or Chess.

We have heaps of card games as that is their favourite type of game at the moment, but if you’ve ever purchased a card game you’ll know they come in packets that the cards will never easily fit into again. And should you find a missing card under the table after it’s packed up, getting that extra card into the packet is a nightmare. So being the expert in storage that I am, I decided to find a solution. And find a solution I did! It’s the best and I totally want to come into your house and revolutionise the way you keep card games too!! But for the sake of time, I’m going to show you my solution and you can set it up in your family yourself (I know, I’m nice like that!)

Here is a photo of our card games as they used to be (the loose cards at the front were either stored in a snap lock bag or with an elastic band around the deck).


My solution is inexpensive, hard wearing and perfect for storage as well as transporting if you like taking games on holidays.

It’s these Sistema Klip It containers (and if you keep an eye out, Coles, Woolworths & Big W usually have them on sale for half price about every 6 weeks)!

20170610_133611Here is what’s perfect – the small ones fit a standard deck of cards inside and the next size up fit card games that are a little bigger (think Uno size). They are easy to clip open and closed and are great if you want to chuck one in your suitcase next time you go on a family holiday.

No more missing cards from your card games or elastic banded games hanging around the house. These containers also stack as you can see, so are easy to store wherever you decide to keep your games.

Here is the photo of our games all in their little boxes 🙂


They are so easy to grab, play and pack up now – and all for about $12!!

Grab some of these containers, organise your card games and enjoy the Freedom!

Amy x