A question was recently sent to me via Facebook and I thought it would be benefitual to share it with you.

The question was, “Hi Amy, can I ask your expert opinion on how to keep paperwork/school notices organised?” Probably a question that every mother of school aged children has wondered at some stage… or perhaps at the beginning of every term.

For me, now that our school newsletters and notices have all gone digital I use a fairly straight forward system.

Whenever I get an email about a school event/ newsletter/ notice I open it with my phone in my hand and then transfer any important information straight into my diary. I put in dates as well as times where I can and I also add notes if there’s anything extra to remember (like costumes or gold coin donations).

For events that require action from us as parents (like permissions or payment) I do them straight away when I get the notice so I know it’s done and there’s nothing else to follow up.

I don’t keep any notices in hard copy, everything is transferred into my diary if I need to know about it. If there’s something I want to remember extra details of, I just take a photo and save it to the event so it’s there if I need it.

How I handle school notices is the same as I handle any papers that enter our home – deal with them once,¬†as soon as possible and completely. So a swimming notice comes through – I pay for the lessons, put the lesson dates and times in my diary and fill in the permission slip (which for our school is online) but if it’s a slip that needs to be returned to the school that goes in the school bag of the relevant child to return the very next day.

School children can produce a mountain of incoming paperwork and notices so it pays to stay on top of it.

Amy x