Do you sometimes feel like you are living groundhog days, over and over again. Stuck in a rut or in a funk?

We all have times like this in our lives, and it’s important to have some strategies in place for when you can’t seem to get your mojo back. One strategy that I often turn to in these moments of feeling stuck is to rearrange a space in your home. Move the lounge chairs around, switch up your desk space, change where the dining table is or just swap furniture from one room to another. This has two clear benefits from my experience.

Firstly you get yourself moving, blood flowing and muscles being used. I find my motivation for exercise lessens when I’m in a funk so moving in this way is good for your body and your mind. Put on some energising music and get going. If you don’t feel you have the energy to go it alone, invite a friend over and do it together. You’ll have fun planning and executing your new floor plan.

Secondly, it’s been said that a change is as good as a holiday – and when it comes to rearranging a room or space in your home this is very true. You see your home with fresh eyes, enjoy it in new ways and moving things around brings a new exciting energy to your space. Sometimes a change is all it takes to break the mundane of the every day and get your creativity flowing again. Walking around your home and dreaming about what you could change (for free which is even better!) is great for your creative mind.

It may not even be yourself, you may notice (as I did recently) that a family member seemed to be stuck in a rut for seemingly no reason. So this week I went into said child’s bedroom and did a rearrange for him. I changed the position of his bed and bedside table and as I’ve seen so many times with clients children it will hopefully result in him sleeping better and waking refreshed and energised by his new space. It’s not a cure all, but I can speak from experience personally and professionally that changing things up in the home and doing a rearrange can bring a new spring to your step.

Enjoy the Freedom!

Amy x