As a mum I’ve survived (and even thrived) through approximately 1250 school mornings. I understand how busy and stressful school mornings can be; trying to get children up, dressed, fed, teeth brushed, school bag packed and out the door on time.

Today’s blog is simply to give you some ideas which may help you have a less stressful and more organised morning routine.

Kids love routine, so setting expectations of what you’d realistically like your mornings to look like will help everyone to start the day on the right foot.

For us, at the moment we have a list on the fridge which has each of the jobs my boys need to do before school. Each family routine is different – for us it’s these things:
– make your bed
– tidy your room
– get dressed
– have breakfast
– have asthma medication
– brush your teeth
– do 15 minutes of piano practice
– empty the dishwasher
– make your lunch
– pack your bag

For my kids, this is reasonable and achievable because they are morning people and quite independent. The expectations you set for your children will need to be age appropriate and realistic. You may find they thrive on having responsibilities and are happy to take more on (especially if they are positively rewarded!)

I also find it helpful to have a set time that you leave the house each morning so everyone knows what time they’re working to.

Something to think about also if it’s possible for your family routine is the benefit of walking to school. Getting into the fresh air before spending hours in a classroom is great for little brains. Having a brisk walk gets blood flowing and is a good chance to have a chat to your child before a big day of learning.

It’s not always possible to keep our frustrations under control and use our indoor voices on a morning when our kids are dragging their feet and running late, but setting routines and expectations can make your mornings run more smoothly and are a great way to begin each day.

Enjoy the Freedom!
Amy x