I have only ever purchased two pairs of shoes in my entire life. One pair of runners 8 years ago that are SO comfortable and have lasted years. And one pair of boots about 10 years ago. How is this possible you might think… how many pairs of shoes do I have if I’ve only ever purchased two pairs? Currently 30 pairs, and I’ve given away at least 10 pairs this year already.

Do I have a shoe tree in the backyard?? Well… almost… My Dad has been leading the footwear industry in Australia for over 40 years. I’d guess he’s handled more pairs of shoes than anyone else in our country. And lucky for me (and my 4 sisters) women’s fashion is one of his specialities. I’m never short of a new pair of shoes, I have my favourite styles in 3 or 4 colours and Dad is often calling me to say he has a suitcase of new shoes in his garage if I’d like to come over and go through them.

How many pairs of shoes do you have? Do you have a good system to keep your shoes organised?

Shoe organisation is heaps of fun to do with clients because the solution is almost always different for each family. Here are a few tips for dealing with your own shoe collection.

Firstly, any pairs of shoes that have rips, tears, holes etc can be thrown out. If you have a really good quality pair of shoes it may be worth getting a cobbler to fix your shoes but for the most part shoes have become a disposable item so can be thrown out when worn out.

Next, do you have any shoes that are in great condition but you don’t wear them anymore? Take a photo of the pair and list them for sale online. Or donate them to an op-shop.

For the remaining shoes that you desire to keep, find a way to store them that is very easy to maintain. Racks, tubs, or custom built cabinetry are all good options and will suit most spaces.

If you’d like personalised advice, you can organise a  Power Consult and I’d love to provide you with advice that will suit your individual space and needs. You can also check out my Facebook page and see what solutions I’ve put in place for other clients to get some ideas for your own space.

Enjoy the Freedom!

Amy x