Is the thought of camping somewhat romantic in your mind, but the reality of camping a little too chaotic for your liking?

We camp a couple of time a year and being organised makes this adventure so much more enjoyable for me. Here are my top tips for doing organised camping…

Firstly have a list. Having a list of things you want to pack might seem obvious, but my suggestion is to have a list that is a working document – where you add things each time as you need and don’t have to reinvent the wheel each time you go camping. Just print off the list and get packing! Don’t be afraid to put the obvious things on there – tent, chairs, mattresses etc. Once the list is printed off you can cross things off as you pack them, not letting anything be forgotten behind.

Secondly, use tubs to pre-pack things you only take when you go camping. This helps with storage as well as packing. For us, we have two containers that has food related items in – toaster, kettle, plates, bowls, cutlery, knives, chopping board etc.
Another has supplies that we use only when camping – camping lights, powerboard & extension lead, insect spray, washing up supplies, pegs etc. These stay packed all year round and are stored in our shed ready for a weekend away.

Keeping all your camping supplies in one area will make packing and getting away quickly easier. It will also make unpacking after your get away quicker too.

Enjoy the Freedom!
Amy x