This week’s blog is brought to you by a good friend of mine who is the best first aid trainer in Australia. Not only does Michelle provide engaging and informative first aid training but she also has available these perfectly organised first aid kits for home, work or the car. I know that when I’m in many homes if there was an emergency the first aid kit would be terribly inadequate and disorganised so I’ve asked Michelle to share with you how having a well stocked and organised first aid kit will have you prepared for an emergency if needed. Amy x

Michelle Collins

Jeroki First Aid Training

Picture this… you are on a holiday with your family, and you take your kids to the local skate park. Everyone is having fun, the kids are riding their scooters around when suddenly you hear a loud crash, followed by a few “ooohs” from bystanders.  You look over and there is a group of young boys (well young to me, around 14 years of age) crowding around a boy on the ground. You then see blood coming from his leg, and you can tell that he really needs some help.

At this point all the friends that I am holidaying with look to me. You see, my job is first aid training, and my background is emergency nursing, so this kind of injury is right up my alley. I calmly suggest to my husband to go to the car and get our first aid kit. This vehicle specific kit lives in my car, for just such an emergency. He brings me the kit, I open it up, and because this first aid kit is laid out in a manner that I can easily access everything I need, I get gloves, combine pads, tape, antiseptic wash, saline and a bandage, and tend to the situation.

Why am I telling you this story? Yes, part of it is because I do love sharing gory stories, however, the point of this one, is to convey the importance of having a well stocked, well organised first aid kit that is kept in a place that everyone knows.

If we refer back to the story, what would have happened to the boy who needed assistance if I wasn’t there? Maybe someone might have been able to fossick about in their glove box to find a measly Band-Aid. Maybe someone might have been able to wrap a dirty t-shirt around the injury.  But thanks to having a well-stocked, easily accessible first aid kit, the boy could be treated with ease, and he then went home to his family.

The same goes for your house, or your place of work. Most people at home tend to have a basket or a box where all things medical are kept, but how often do you spend ages sorting through half open packages and empty boxes to find what you actually need. Or when you are at work, the office first aid kits there tends to be the “white box’ which just has everything dumped in it. Quite often in these boxes, what you actually need is missing, and you spend about five minutes sorting through the disarray of items, only to then realise what you’re looking for isn’t even there at all.

That is why having a well-stocked, easy to use first aid kit, which everyone knows the location of is important.

Jeroki First Aid Training has the best first aid kits around.  Each item within the kit has it’s own spot, with a label of what it is, what it’s used for, and how many there should be in the kit. They are easy to use and easy to maintain. So help yourself and those around you by making sure you can help if you need to.

And as for your medicine cupboard with all those mixes of medications, lotions and potions?  Well… that’s for another blog…

Michelle Collins

Director and Principal Trainer of Jeroki First Aid Training.

Michelle is a subject matter expert. Her extensive hands on, practical knowledge of CPR and first aid, which she gained in her 20 years of nursing experience including emergency departments, is used in the delivery of CPR and First Aid training sessions. Her sessions are succinct and provide relevant practical information.