Once the trampoline breaks what do you do with it? When a set of drawers fall apart how do you get rid of them? What do you do with an outdoor setting when it starts to fall apart and break?

You probably have a small collection of rubbish that’s too big for your domestic bins and sits in the garage, shed or backyard… you’re not alone. Most Australian families have enough hard rubbish in their homes to fill a skip bin. But hardly any families use all of their council provided hard rubbish collection services. Now, depending on which shire you’re part of the services will be slightly different. In our shire you get two pick ups per year,¬†which can be either green waste or hard rubbish. Our property rates pay for this service, so you might as well use it!

We’ve only done one green waste collection in our 4 years in this house because we try to fill our green bin (which is for plant waste) each fortnight so it doesn’t build up too much.

What we usually do is book a hard waste collection once in March and another in September. We book these in even if we’re not sure what we’ll put out and the reason for this is once we have it booked in, we ALWAYS find plenty that needs to go out. Anything from broken outside toys/ bikes/ scooters to furniture that has broken or just large items that need disposal. Once it’s booked in, we then first go around the outside of the house gathering anything that needs to be thrown out. Our family is pretty minimalistic in how much ‘stuff’ we keep, but surprisingly there’s always things to be put out into the hard rubbish. Once the main big items are stacked up we find any smaller items that need to be thrown out and add them to the pile.

Some councils don’t provide a hard rubbish pick up service, but instead provide their rate payers with tickets for the local tip. In this instance you’re usually allowed a trailer or boot load per year so make sure you use it by setting a goal for yourself… maybe the first weekend of Spring, or first week back of the school year – whatever it is, by deciding ahead of time you’ll find you’re more likely to use what you’ve paid for.

If you’re not a home owner who pays rates, but rather a tenant or renter, you’re still entitled to the hard rubbish collection from the address you’re living in, so don’t be shy – book a hard rubbish collection today and you’ll be surprised how much you end up throwing out.

Even if you only end up putting a few things out for hard rubbish collection, it’s better being collected than sitting around cluttering up your home.

Enjoy the Freedom!

Amy x