I’ve written more kids party blogs than almost any other blogger in our nation… back when blogging was just hitting the mainstream I was being paid by one of the biggest mummy blogs in Australia to produce weekly party blogs on different topics and party themes. I owned an online children’s party supply business, and do you know what my angle was? Yep, you guessed it – how to run simple, fun, family friendly kids birthday parties. No fuss, minimal effort and maximum enjoyment for the children. So I feel I’ve got a lot of value to add in this area when it comes to running simply organised children’s parties!

It’s not uncommon for parents to spend around $1000 for a child’s birthday in 2017. If you think about the costs of gifts plus the cost of a birthday party, they add up pretty quickly. I’ve got a few tips on how to reduce the excess and clutter without throwing a stingy birthday party.

  1. Parties are for kids to have fun, not to impress other parents. I know you’re agreeing with me… but maybe you’ve too been to a party where it seems like the parents are trying to impress other adults rather than making it about the birthday child. A friend went to a 5 year old birthday party where they had an open bar for the adults and had even hired a waitress to serve food to the kinder parents. Now if this is the kind of party you love to throw – obviously go for it (and feel free to invite me!!) but my encouragement is that you don’t have to throw these kind of parties to impress people. Homemade sausage rolls are a simple way to feed parents without busting the budget.
  2. Children love freedom. I used to schedule birthday parties down to the minute – and have more party games up my sleeve than a shifty card dealer. But what I discovered is that kids just want the freedom to run around and play with their friends. So before you buy a pinata and a donkey to pin the tail on, consider keeping it simple and having a few free play activities kids can play at their own leisure without adding the stress that you need to herd a group of small children to play games with winners and losers.
  3. Keep it short. Simplicity is key when you’re hosting kids parties at home – and the longer the party is scheduled for the more complicated it becomes. My perfect length is around 90 minutes and find that in that time children have heaps of fun and it isn’t too much for the parents.
  4. Consider gifting experiences rather than toys. Kids have an incredible amount of toys, then each birthday and Christmas the loot continues to grow. So consider buying an experience either for your own children or for parties that you go to. This year alone we’ve gifted tickets to a miniature railway, a trip to the local trampoline centre, high ropes course tickets and movie tickets. Our kids love giving and receiving experiences and it reduces the amount of disposable clutter entering our lives.

No matter whether you’re a family that goes all out for a child’s birthday party or if you’re a keep it simple kind of family I hope you’re able to be conscious of these things above when you’re throwing a party.

Enjoy the Freedom!

Amy x

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