How many old iPhones do you really need to keep “just in case”

You may not think of your electronics and devices as an area of your home that needs decluttering and organising. But more and more of these critters enter our home each year and few seem to ever escape. Electronics seem to breed in our homes – have a look around you right now. Is there a tablet? Laptop? Kindle? Mobile phone or two? Our lives are heavily reliant on electronics so we’re not going to go crazy and get rid of them all, but we are going to enjoy what we have by decluttering what we don’t need.

According to Mobile Muster there are an estimated 25.5 million unwanted mobile phones in homes around Australia. Environmentally you can’t just chuck an old mobile in the rubbish bin; it needs to be recycled correctly. Old mobiles are sitting in bedside tables and office drawers in already cluttered homes. How many old phones do you really need to keep “just in case”?

Phones fetch handsome prices on sites like eBay, so instead of having idle items sitting around, list them online and pop some cash away for a rainy day. Or if the thought of listing them online is too much, clear the clutter by recycling them through Mobile Muster.

Stashing old mobiles like a squirrel preparing for the winter isn’t going to help you create the life you envisage for yourself and your family, so┬ámaybe today is the day to declutter your collection of mobile phones.

Enjoy the Freedom!

Amy x