“Help me, I can’t do this on my own!”

Is that to you a statement of vulnerability or a statement of power? If you hear yourself say this maybe you’d feel like you were in a place of vulnerability, but when I hear those around me say this, I feel it comes from a place of power. It’s such a strong thing to be able to know your own limits and rely on others to step in when you reach the end of yourself.

I’m in a privileged position where I’m who people call in when they need support in the area of organisation in their home and lives. And I love providing additional services as part of the packages I offer. So I thought I’d let you in on the trade secrets and services I recommend so you too can get the support you need!!

Decluttering & Professional Organising Services

Now obviously this is the area where I operate in my area of genius – I can walk into a chaotic, cluttered, messy room and see the end result and the path to get there. I can help guide you and teach you the skills to create the beautiful home you dream about. If you’re feeling stuck in this area, I’m your girl!!

Rubbish Removal Services

Decluttering is the process of getting rid of anything that doesn’t fit with the vision you have for your life. When we work together, we end up with bags and bags of rubbish.  More than you can fit into your personal bin (or even sneak into your neighbours bins on bin night!) So an important part of my service is to provide you with options to dispose of your rubbish. My go to guy is Heath from Diamond Creek Rubbish Removal – he is the best in the business and an all round great guy. Now obviously you’re not all based in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne, but the key is this – find a local skip company and allow them to take care of your rubbish for you.


How awesome are op-shops!? They’re a great example of a win/win business set up! The buyer wins as they get great products for a reduced price. The donator wins because they can give a second life to stuff they no longer use. The charity wins because they make money. And… the environment wins because we create less landfill. If I’m taking things physically to the op-shop I go wherever is closest, I’m not fussed. But when I’m with clients and we have a massive load to donate, I always use the pick up services of Diabetes Australia. Nothing like having someone else do the heavy lifting for you!

Psychological Support

Lots of clients comment that they feel like while we declutter they get a free counselling session – which to a small degree can be true. I help you understand your clutter triggers and some of the mindsets that are holding you back. But that’s where my expertise ends, and I’m a huge fan of having professional support to help you process life changes or events that have shaped who you are or holding you back from who you want to be.

Interior Design

Once we’ve together decluttered you home, you may like to engage the services of an interior designer to beautify it to represent this new home you’ve created. My services are about removing things you don’t’ find to be useful or beautiful so we often end up with a minimalistic blank canvas. Using a designer at this point in your journey can help you define your new style and invest wisely in pieces to create the feel you want in your home. I personally use White Pebble Interiors, if you’re looking for someone in your local area recommendations are a great way to find someone whose style suits what you’re after.

There are so many other support services that I can refer to: Antique Dealers, eBay Sellers, Handyman Services and more.

Whatever your area of need, you don’t need to go it alone – gather a team of professionals around you and have the strength to know when you need to gather the experts and propel yourself to success.

If it’s clutter that’s holding you back, give me a call and let’s chat about how I could help you create the relaxing home you desire.

Enjoy the Freedom!

Amy x