When my kids were little and I didn’t have the inclination to cook dinner sometimes we’d have what I would call ‘Freezer Lucky Dip’.

Basically that meant I would forage through the freezer for left overs and we’d pick something, often not knowing what exactly it was. Was it casserole left overs? Pasta sauce? Taco meat? Soup?

And when it came to other items, there were half packets of all kinds of things hidden in the back of the freezer. Peas, blueberries, chips, cheese, raspberries, potato gems etc. You’re nodding aren’t you? Because your freezer is exactly the same.

So I determined to figure out a way to organise my freezer so I was using the space efficiently, storing things so they didn’t get frost bite and mostly so that I could see what I had stored away in there!

Enter clear containers to save the day – specifically the Klip It range from Sistema. They are frost free, fully clear and they seal with a clip rather than having a push seal (which is compromised when frozen).  As you can see from the before and after photos below it makes everything so much easier to see and access. Amy Revell Freezer B&A

Freezers are great for keeping food for when you need to use it, but it’s no good if things are lost at the back and go off… just because it’s in the freezer doesn’t mean it will last forever. So for about $30 I put everything in packets into clear containers and it stacks beautifully and is easy to see.

You may be tempted to just organise the areas in your home that guests may lay eyes on, but having an organised freezer will save you time, money and make cooking easier.

Enjoy the Freedom!

Amy x