This week marks a special date for my husband and I… this week we celebrate our 15th year wedding anniversary! We look so young in the photos!!!


I remember so many things from our wedding day. The perfect ceremony; our hilariously funny groomsman; the song we performed at our reception {well before it was cool for bridal parties to perform at their own weddings!}

And I remember my dress. I remember how beautiful I felt wearing it; just like I dreamed I would feel. For 21 years I’d dreamt of my wedding day and just like other little girls I mostly dreamed about being a princess and wearing a white wedding gown. The special thing about my dress is that my Mum and my Godmother made it for me. We went material shopping, hand picked the sequins and I spent hours in the sewing room to make sure it was a perfect fit. It was magical to wear.

Did you know that nearly all women hold onto their wedding dresses purely because they don’t know what to do with it. Our wedding dresses have a hold on us for several reasons and without permission and advice on what to do with it most of us will continue to keep them well into the future.

Here’s why we keep our wedding dresses…

  1. Our wedding dress reminds us of one of the happiest days of our life
  2. Our wedding dress was very {very!} expensive
  3. We’re sentimental. We hope that our daughters will either try on our dress; wear it for a deb or maybe even wear it for their own wedding.

Here is a few things to think about when deciding the future of your wedding dress…

  1. You’ll never wear it again. Aside from maybe trying it on, on your 10 year wedding anniversary…
  2. Your wedding dress is bulky and difficult to store
  3. You’ll never re-coup the financial investment from your wedding dress, so stop feeling like you should.

OK so here are some options of what you can do with your wedding dress.


Aside from the obvious op-shop donation point, there are organisations who will take your wedding dress and turn them into ‘angel gowns’ which are beautiful gowns donated to families who lose a child through stillbirth.


The sooner after your wedding you sell your dress the better, because fashions change quickly and you’ll hopefully sell it for a good amount. Deciding whether to have it cleaned first or not is a big decision – wedding dress dry cleaning can cost hundreds of dollars and you’ll want to add that cost to the sale cost where possible. Alternatively you can sell it as is and let the buyer know it needs cleaning.

You can sell your wedding dress several ways – you could try eBay or see if you can sell it back to the boutique you purchased it from so they can sell it as a second hand gown.

There are also specific websites where you can sell wedding dresses and formal dresses so consider these also. Just remember that you’ll likely sell your dress for a lot less than you paid for it.

Fun Ideas

Ok… so for those of your who might like a little bit of fun here are some ideas on what you can do with your wedding dress.

a) Trash it 

Buy some coloured paint, put your wedding dress on and take photos of your kids or husband throwing paint balls at you. The photos are what you keep, the dress then goes in the bin after this activity.

b) Photoshoot

Do some silly photoshoots with your kids. Get them dressed up in your wedding dress and stage some fun photos to create memories. Climbing trees, having a mud fight – get creative!


Wedding dresses are bulky and difficult to store. If you’re planning on keeping your dress for sentimental reasons (as in it doesn’t matter if it has a few creases) there are great storage boxes at Ikea that can slide under a bed or easily fit up the top of your wardrobe. They also have breathing vents so the dress doesn’t become musty while packed away.

Whether you choose to donate, sell, keep or have some fun – hopefully you’ve got a few ideas now on what you could do with your wedding dress.

Enjoy the Freedom!

Amy x