Ready… steady… cook!!!

Do you grab your favourite cook book or log onto your favourite recipe website when it’s time for meal planning? Are you a hand written recipe kind of person orĀ do you bring recipes up on your iPad and use that to refer to? No matter how you keep recipes it’sĀ important to declutter them so they don’t become overwhelming. The less recipes and cookbooks you have in the kitchen, the more chance you’ll have of using them and preparing new meal creations.

So today a few tips that will help you clear the clutter of cookbooks in the kitchen.

  • If you find a recipe you love in a cookbook, rip it out and keep just the pages you need rather than the whole book. Don’t be too precious with cookbooks. In any cookbook there will be 1 or 2 recipes that you use most often and the rest just won’t be your style. Rather than keep the whole book on a shelf, just keep the pages that you need to refer to.
  • Subscriptions to cooking magazines are great if you actually cook from them. For about 2 years I had a monthly subscription for Donna Hay and I loved trying new recipes from it each month. But after about 18 months I started to fall behind and have more recipes I wanted to try than I could keep up with. So I cancelled my subscription and just went back through the magazines I already had for recipes I wanted to try.
  • If you find yourself getting stuck in a rut of the meals you prepare and serve your family how about trying something different… I’ve got three suggestions for you that my friends have tried.

    Seasonal Menu

    A friend of mine creates a new family menu for each season. They cook with seasonal produce and this also gives them opportunity to try new meals without having to come up with a new menu each week. They create about 10 main course options that they rotate through for the season and when the next season arrives they pick a different 10 meals.Country Menu
    Another friend of mine does this awesome thing with their family that they pick a different country of the world each month and their meals are focused around that country and culture. So one month they might pick France and research some French meals or desserts and aim to eat from their country of choice several nights a week. They try new recipes, new foods and learn about a country along the way. They listen to music from the country of the month and where possible will watch a movie or attend a festival that matches with their selection. It’s a great way to introduce children to the world while staying at home.

    Cook right through a cookbook
    A friend of mine decided to cook her way completely through a cookbook in one year. I love this idea – if you have a chef whose style you really like, why not set yourself this challenge and see if you find some new family favourites.

So my challenge for you today is to go through your cookbooks and pick which ones you can send to the op-shop because you don’t cook from them anymore. If you have some books where you only use one recipe, rip that one out and keep just the page you need.

Enjoy the Freedom!

Amy x