I’m a Tupperware snob. Through and through. I’m blind to alternatives that don’t bear the familiar Tupperware logo and quality guarantee. I started my collection at 21 when I attended my first ever Tupperware party. It was for my kitchen tea and I purchased a large collection of modular mates (which for the unschooled amongst us is their foundational range of pantry storage containers). I now sport 85 of this range and I still love them as much today as I did 15 years ago. I’ve never been a Tupperware consultant and never will – selling and growing a business from Tupperware isn’t my thing – but using their products to make my life easier is definitely one of my things!

So why do I love them so much and continue to choose them over other similar products on the market? For me, it’s all about quality and functionality in the kitchen and particularly in regards to my food storage options. First big win for me is their sizes suit the quantities that I purchase food in and I’m now familiar with how much each size holds so can put my groceries away without having to guess which products will fit into each container. I also would always recommend that when it comes to food storage you want to go with a product that has a clear face so you can see what is inside. This helps with writing the grocery list as you can open the cupboard and without having to shake packets or guess how much you still have you can see what is needed. Having clear faced fronts also mean it’s easy to label each container with it’s contents. I have a label maker and although they’re not super pretty they’re functional and inexpensive to use.

Tupperware for me is about making my life easier. When I bake I can grab everything I need, know it’s fresh and it’s easy to put away when I’m finished. I also love Tupperware for its uniformity, we don’t have a pantry to keep our food in, so my Tupperware containers are in above counter cupboards. They look neat and organised, they stack perfectly and I can see everything I have or need at a glance.

So for me, I’ll never use another brand for my pantry items. But… over half of my clients don’t use Tupperware in their pantries so there are other products on the market that people like. I have one client who uses glass jars she buys online and she loves them. Another client uses the Decor brand storage containers from the Supermarket. Others still use Lock and Lock, Sistema or other similar brands.

My main take away is that whichever style and brand of pantry storage you go with, uniformity is key! Pick your brand and stick with it. This will save you time, money and space as well as look great.

Enjoy the Freedom!

Amy x