Did you know that framing and displaying designer gift bags is a thing?

Now I do have to admit from the start that I’m totally not into brands. I like quality, but I’ll never pay more for something purely because of the label on a product. But maybe you do – maybe being able to purchase things from designer shops brings you a bit of joy. If so, you’ll be aware how much thought goes into the branding and marketing of their gift bags. Carrying it around on the day of purchase can make you feel powerful, confident, rich, proud, excited… such strong emotions just from a bag! And there’s a strange power in the bag… even once you get home and the usefulness of the bag has expired, you still have feelings toward the bag. You decide you can’t throw it out just yet. Maybe you’ll use it for a gift for someone else, it seems such a shame to throw out the pretty bag. And over time your collection of gift bags increases. You stack them inside each other but never really get around to using them. Eventually they find their way into a hallway cupboard or wardrobe, you’re not entirely sure why you keep them, but you do anyway.

If you agree that it’s time to do something about your gift bag collection – read on.

A few questions to ask yourself as we begin…

  1. When was the last time I actually used a gift bag I had sitting at home rather than purchased a new one when I needed it?
  2. Does keeping designer gift bags make me more fashionable, likeable, popular etc

Now I get that’s a silly question, but isn’t that exactly what the marketers want you to think? That just by owning the gift bag from an exclusive shop you’re somehow a class above those who shop at department stores? Your value has absolutely nothing to do with where you shop or which gift bags you’ve kept over the years. So free up some space in your home by taking every single one of them and putting them in the recycling bin. If there are a few you expect you’ll use to give gifts in over the next few months, put them in with your gift wrap and be conscious of using them.

It may seem like such a small step in the decluttering process, but every step counts and by understanding the why behind the positive actions; you’ll create new healthy habits around what you decide to keep and what you let go.

I’d love you to post a photo of the gift bags you’re letting go of on my Facebook page – lets cheer each other on.

Enjoy the Freedom!

Amy x