Who doesn’t love a free feed? Not usually because we can’t afford to feed ourselves… but because being fed by someone else usually means you don’t need to think about what to cook! I find the brain space of cooking dinner every night usually takes more energy than actually preparing the meal itself.

So tonight… dinner is on me 🙂 Well the planning of dinner on me at least. You’ll still have to cook… but that’s the easy part!

Oh… and what I forgot to mention is that dinner is also free.

Tonight I want you to open your freezer/ fridge or pantry and prepare your dinner from ingredients that you’ve already purchased and have sitting around. We do this quite regularly because I hate wasting food – it’s a great habit to get into because you’ve already paid for the food, so using it makes sense. But you’d be surprised how much food Australians throw out – on average 20% of what they purchase! So by eating tonight’s dinner from ingredients you already have but might end up throwing out – it’s a free feed!

You may find frozen meals, cuts of meat, mince, frozen veggies, tinned tuna, tinned corn, tinned beans, meal bases, sauces, noodles, rice, grains, wraps etc. Whatever you find, get creative. You might make a stir fry, salad, BBQ or just put your ingredients in Google and see what meals come up. You may just find a new family favourite.

So… tonight or whenever you get the chance to take up the challenge – enjoy a free meal on me 🙂

Enjoy the Freedom!