I’m a mum of 2 boys, currently 8 and 10 years old. Their bathroom is also the main bathroom in the house and used by guests when they visit. Even though they have a large vanity bench we keep most things in the drawers or cupboards as otherwise the bench quickly becomes messy and dirty. Our ensuite is very small; single sink with barely enough room to keep toothbrushes on the bench. The cupboards below are super skinny so most storage containers don’t fit in them, so I’ve learnt how to creatively store items in both bathrooms in our house. Add to that the countless bathrooms I’ve organised for clients and I’ve got a few tips I know will help you stay organised in the bathroom.

Let’s be honest though, bathroom cupboards are like no mans land for cosmetics, lotions and hairdryers from a decade ago. Is there a way to use your bathroom cupboards so you can quickly access what you need while still keeping everything hidden away?

One of my favourite bathroom cupboard storage solutions is the Kmart Handle Baskets which are inexpensive and easy to lift in and out of a cupboard (sidenote: also good for sauces/ oils and seasoning in the pantry).

Using a permanent marker you can label each container as to what you’ll store inside of them. Some examples are:

Nail polishes

Hair products

Sanitary products

Lice treatment


Travel size products

Hair ties/ clips

Tanning sprays



Bandaids/ basic first aid

Each category can be labelled and it’s easy to grab something when you need it, and more importantly replace it when you’re done. This solution works great in family bathrooms, kids bathrooms and powder rooms. Anywhere you keep toiletries and want them organised this system can work.

As you go through your bathroom cupboards, throw out any products that you don’t like, don’t use or has gone out of date. You’ll be surprised how little you actually use and how much space you can create.

Enjoy the Freedom!

Amy x