At what point is your regular rubbish collection not enough and you need to hire a skip to do some serious decluttering? Are skips worth the money or should you just sneak around on rubbish night to try to fit your excess garbage into your neighbours bins?

Over the last 5 years I’ve developed a special skill – a fairly reliable ability to estimate what skip size is needed based on looking at a pile of rubbish or a room yet to be decluttered.

And believe me when I say that this skill comes in use almost weekly as I help my clients decide what method of rubbish removal will suit their needs best.

So here’s my guidelines for you…

TIDY UP – a general tidy up around the house where you end up gathering rubbish that was already around the house. Use your rubbish bin or if you have more rubbish than expected use your council provided hard rubbish collection. You could also ask a neighbour if you could put a bag of rubbish in their bin if they have space.

CLEAN UP – when you set aside time to intentionally declutter one or more areas in your home. Use your council hard rubbish if you have large items too large for your domestic bin. If you stack up the rubbish and it measures more than 1 cubic metre, consider booking a skip bin and getting rid of everything in one go. A 2m or 3m skip bin should be fine for a general clean up.

DOMESTIC BLITZ – an intentional overhaul of your home and/or garden with the intention of getting rid of rubbish. Hire a skip definitely for this kind of decluttering. If you don’t, you’ll end up feeling like the job is half finished. Having a big pile of rubbish hanging around after decluttering is so dissatisfying. A job done well is when everything fits in the skip and gets taken away in good time. I’ve had clients use multiple 6m cube skips over the course of a couple of days; it’s amazing how much rubbish one household can accumulate and dispose of when they set their mind to it.

If you’re in Melbourne and plan to hire a skip, get in touch with me because I have a joint venture partner who will give you the best rates and best service in Melbourne.

Enjoy the Freedom!